OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen you think of machine monitoring you probably think of a big elaborate system with a huge computer system and complicated electronics, well that is what I would think of at least. It could really make you not want to invest time and money into something so complicated and most likely expensive, but without it you could be loosing two times that amount of money because you really don’t know how that equipment is performing.That is where having a remote machine monitoring system comes into play.

OK, so you feel a remote monitoring system is something you should look into but where to start? Here are 3 key questions you should ask yourself to determine what and if you need a monitoring system:

What problems am I having with my equipment?

Basic Thinking

Depending on your industry, you have to determine what your equipment is being used for. Now I know that this sounds dumb, why wouldn’t you know what it is used for, but getting yourself to think on a very basic level can really help in determining what kind of system is right for you.

Analyzing the Problem/System

Once you have discovered problems or systems that could use a polish, analyzing those specific issues will allow you to construct a clearer picture of what exact monitoring solutions would be just right for you and your business.


What would I want to monitor?

Think smarter, not harder. Make a list.

Depending on how elaborate or simple your equipment might be, making a list of all the things that those pieces of equipment do will give you a detailed look at what out of that list should and need monitored, and what could go without it. This will allow you to break down this question to really hone in on specifics that relate directly to you and your business, giving you a better perspective on getting the right monitoring system that will make your business better and more efficient.


Will this benefit my business?

Business Aware…Aware of Your Business.

Most companies who have equipment or processes, put a system in place that will work and then forget about it. Why not, its working right, but is it working at its most efficient and can it be automated.

Remote monitoring systems allow your business to become business aware. Showing you what systems within your company are not running efficiently and how you can make them more efficient. These monitoring systems can chart, graph, send updates and alert you when something is a miss. This allows you to be business aware resulting in you being more aware of your business.


Using these 3 questions will help you get started on the path of determining if a remote monitoring system is right for you. At the very least, going through these initial question will hopefully allow you to become more business aware of what is going on with your equipment and alert you to make some changes to become more efficient and in the end save you time, money and effort.


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