Pythio’s Device Integration Formats.

The way Pythio can tightly integrate with your machines/devices comes in 3 different formats.

100% Integration

This involves Pythio building a custom controller from the ground up. In this format the user/manufacturer does not have an existing controller on the device/machine, but only a simple relay system or some way in which they can control the device.
Pythio then builds a fully integrated, robust yet simple controller into the device/machine and 100% integrates with the existing device/machine.

50% Integration

In this format, the user/manufacturer already has a controller of some sorts that has a serial port to stream data.
With this serial port, Pythio can build a separate controller and attach it to the port along side your existing equipment. Pythio DOES NOT touch your existing equipment. We only use the serial port to attach your custom built controller as an add on.

External Microcontroller (0% Integration)

In this format, the user/manufacturer already has a fully functional controller.
Pythio DOES NOT touch the existing controller at all and builds a custom external micro controller that can work along side the existing equipment.