The Pythio Technology Process In 3 Easy Steps



Microcontroller Design and Implementation

The Pythio teams meets with you to talk and layout a custom design, specifically to fit your businesses needs. Within weeks or months based on specifications your custom designed microcontroller is made and implemented into your existing controller or externally attached to your machine for telemetry and monitoring. This provides you with a fast implementation that starts receiving tangible results quickly.


Pythio Telemetry and Remote Monitoring

Pythio’s fully comprehensive technology platform is introduced and remote monitoring is up and running. The monitoring starts to send back loads of data that can be broken down or used in many different ways and combinations to allow you to become more business aware and make changes to help run more efficiently as quickly as possible.


User Interface and Functionality

The easy to use web interface is configured and the customer benefits from all the unique and robust monitoring features Pythio has to offer to save the customer time, money, effort and making them more business aware.

What Does It All Mean?

Benefits To You

Pythio’s technology will make you more business aware in order to reduce unwanted or over expended cost that might not be known without remote monitoring. Saving you hundreds or thousands!





With Pythio’s constant monitoring platform, you can save time and resources. Also, quickly check multiple machines in the field all at once.



Reduce and possibly eliminate costly technicians going out to machines for daily maintenance and check ups.


Easily update and improve your machines firmware and software.

Push changes or improvements to multiple machines at once and watch them update automatically.

Customize your web interface to your liking, by only using the mounting tools that relate to your industry and/or machines.